Why Hot water wash?

Why hot water wash? Is Singapore 365-day summer not hot enough? Of course not.  Hotter is better when it comes to killing dust mites and other allergens in your laundry.

Check some study about hot water’s hygiene effect published by CBS News:

A new study shows washing laundry in hot water (60 degreeC) kills 100 percent of dust mites. But turn the dial down just 36 degrees to a warm, 40-degreeC wash and only 6.5 percent of dust mites are killed in the laundry.  Hotter water was also better at removing dog dander and pollen.

In the study, presented at the American Thoracic Society’s 103rd International Conference in San Francisco, researchers compared the effectiveness of washing cotton sheets with regular laundry detergent at various temperatures in removing dust mites, dog dander, and pollen allergens.

The results showed that washing laundry at hotter temperatures was significantly more effective than warm water at killing dust mites as well as other allergens. For example:

  • Washing laundry in warm, 30 to 40 degreeC water killed only about 6 percent of dust mites.
  • Hot water washing (at 60 degreeC) killed 100 percent of dust mites.
  • Washing in hot water also removed nearly 90 percent of dog dander compared with about 60 percent removed in warm water washing.
  • Hot water washing removed nearly 97 percent of pollen in the laundry compared with 69 percent at 30 degreeC and 95 percent at 40 degreeC.

The study also showed that steam cleaning of the sheets was equally effective as hot water (60 degreeC) washing at killing dust mites and removing dog dander and pollen.

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Photo from “http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1094657/PICTURED-The-Japanese-snow-monkeys-enjoy-hot-bath.html”.

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